You are about to discover an incredible secret that Quindío hides. I am not talking about what most people may already know or what is in Google when we search for “Reasons to visit Quindío, Colombia” (you will surely find something about the diversity of fauna and flora in this region), I am talking about a native forest of 16 hectares located between Armenia and Circasia waiting for you to be discovered.

“Sub-Andean rivereño forest” is the biological name of this piece of enchanted land. A term taught to us by a biologist who accompanied us, to my friends and to me, that morning in which we visited and we really discovered what it feels like to be among the immensity of nature.

This forest keeps magical secrets. Walking there is a constant sensation of discovery, you come across different species of birds and flowers and if you follow the sound of the water, it takes you to a virgin waterfall.

What thrills me most about this experience is that this forest is part of a hotel that has been created under the concept of “Back to our Origins” and its greatest mission is to spread awareness in each person who visits them. BIO HABITAT HOTEL goes beyond being a hotel and becomes a place to explore.

If you are a good explorer and your soul asks to connect with nature, this is the place, go create your own story and share it with the world.

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Vanessa Truke

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