I have always had a small obsession with birds, I admire their natural way of life, their impressive colors and shapes.

The other day I was browsing Instagram and found a photo of a room that had glass walls, with a minimalist black structure and was literally embraced by  trees. This caught my attention immediately and I decided that I really wanted to know more. What was all this about? Did someone read my mind?

I discovered that it was a hotel in Quindío with a concept of nature around architectural design. BIO HABITAT HOTEL created different habitats according to the environment and called them: Aviaries, Mountain, Dusk, Hills, Snowcapped mountain and Sunset.

Each one offers a different experience to nature lovers. The one that I had seen in that photo was the one of the Aviaries, this habitat was mine, created for people who enjoy being immersed into the forest, bird-watching, sound of nature and peaceful ambience. This habitat has been created among trees and there´s three of them: Hummingbird, Tucan and Barranquero.

I could literally spy on birds that land on the branches of the trees, wake up to their singings and listen to the wind moving the leaves around me, have a coffee, a wine or a tea and give me that moment to breathe.

I would think that I could be captivated by that space and not leave, because maybe what I have been searching for a long time, finds me there.

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