Mountain master suite

A habitat gazing the majesty of the central mountain range. more.

Mountain suite

The imposing mountain range is onto this habitat with all its greatness. more.

Dusk Master Suite

The sun sets over the roof of this Habitat and is lost deep in the horizon. more.

Dusk Suite

A Habitat where the sun slowly goes down. more.

Sunset Suite

This Habitat contemplates the sun trajectory over the mountain range. more.

Hills Suite

A habitat to admire the hills that are woven on the horizon. more.

Snowcapped mountain Cabin

At dawn, this habitat reveals the snowy peaks in the central mountain range. more.


Immersed in the native forest, this habitat makes you part of it. more.

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Km3 vía Armenia - Circasia leftside.
Quindío, PCC. Colombia.


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